Dear all 2018 Duathlon Series - Race 2 participants,


Over the past weeks ,TriHK has liaised with the various local authorities with regards to the construction work at Science Park. However, after our site visit today, certain parts of the bike course are deemed to be unsafe for cycling, this is due to unexpected road constructions delay at Chong San Road. With your safety as our priority  the Hong Kong Triathlon Association has decided to modify the bike course in short notice.  


We apologies for any inconvenience caused.



1st Run

Bike Course

2nd Run

Challenge Distance

3 km

6 km (4 loops)

3 km

Sprint Distance

3 km

4.5 km (3 loops)

3 km

Discovery Distance

2 km

4.5 km (3 loops)

2 km

TriKids Distance

2 km

3 km (2 loops)

1 km


Participants can also choose to transfer the event to the next Duathlon race. Please stay tuned.


Should you have any questions, please contact us at 2504 8282



Hong Kong Triathlon Association

Congratulations HK team!!!

We are excited to announce that our HK Triathlon Mixed Team: Bailee Brown, Choi Yan Yin, Law Leong Tim and Wong Tsz To, won the bronze medal during Mixed Relay in the 2018 Palembang Asian Games.

Click here for more information:)

AustSports Association Training schedule for Sep-Nov 2018 has been launched,please check it now! 

TriHK is pleased to announce the selection of the athletes listed below with the 2018 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Gold Coast from 12 to 16  September 2018 at Gold Coast, Australia.


Male Elite Junior:            Oscar Coggins, Jason Tai Long Ng Hardcastle, Yu Shing Him, Tsang Cheung Sing Nicholas

Female Elite Junior:        Bailee Brown, Cho Wing To, Lo Ho Yan

Male Elite U23:               Wong Hui Wai, Wong Tsz To, James Tan, Kok Yu Hang, Michael Lam

Team Coach:                  Stephen Moss, Kyla Rollinson

Energetic Triathlon Shatin Training schedule for 2018 has been launched,please check it now! 

Triathlon Grass Root Athlete Development Plan is organized by the Hong Kong Triathlon Association and subvented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. It aims at introducing the triathlon to the public, providing triathlon foundational training, and encouraging the public to participate in triathlon activities. The development Plan includes Triathlon Fun Day, Beginner’s Training Course, and Intermediate Training Course.

Interested parties may click  here  for the program details and here for application form. You may apply it with completed application form and send to TriHK office by email, post or fax (2576 8253).

Should you have any questions about the program, please call us at 2504 8282.

Monday, 13 Aug 2018

2018 Palembang Asian Games

TriHK is pleased to announce the selection of the athletes listed below with the 2018 Palembang Asian Games from 31 August to 2 September 2018 at Palembang, Indonesia 


Male Elite Open:             Law Leong Tim, Wong Hui Wai, Wong Tsz To

Female Elite Open:          Choi Yan Yin, Bailee Brown, Cho Wing To

Coach:                             Stephen Moss, Kyla Rollinson  

TriHK is pleased to announce the selection of the athletes listed below with the 2018 Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games which will be held on 7-11 October 2018 at Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Male Youth:              Hung Tik Long

Female Youth:           Lo Ho Yan

Team Coach:             Kyla Rollinson

2018 Health Guide Sports Association Training Course as been launched,please check it now!

Congratulations to Benny and Dickson! They have brought home the gold medal (PTUI) in the 2018 Mt. Mayon Parathlon Asian Championship.