Thursday, 17 Oct 2013

President's Message

I had my first encounter with triathlon back in the year 1995, since then, from junior triathlete to age grouper, taking up the triathlon coaching career and eventually my eight years of voluntary service within the Hong Kong Triathlon Association, I have lived a life devoted to this sport - one which some calls a grueling experience, while most of us here see it as a lifestyle that calls of unending challenge. Triathlon has become so embedded into my life that all the places where I've trained and raced has become a second home to me; those familiar faces I see around those places and events makes it even so. Not only has my triathlon experiences trained our body, but it has also trained our mind, which brings us to where we stand this day - we reap what we sow; we are what we've trained for. There is no undue glory in triathlon, every moment is well earned.

Throughout my eight years of service for the executive committee, I've witnessed the rise of this sport in Hong Kong. From what it started to be a niche sport exclusive to a small population of expats, to now a sport that could be considered as a popular one no matter your background. We're now seeing an increasing number of youth athletes who are eager to make their mark in this field, and it's even more satisfying to see how the number of triathletes has risen from two to three hundred back in its early days to the now two thousand mark. Hong Kong finally has its own ITU recognised races. Hereby, I would like to express my thanks to everyone who's served in the Hong Kong Triathlon Association, its committee and secretariat staff and more importantly to our ex-president Mr. Philip Penaloza who has dedicated countless time and resource to popularising triathlon in this city and bringing us to the attention of the global triathlon community.

Unfortunately, due to personal and personal and work demands, Mr. Philip Penaloza has announced his resignation as President as of the Hong Kong Triathlon Association, effective immediately and I, Erik CHAN, according to Association Article, will have to take up the duties of president until the end of the current office, which will be the end of next year.

At this moment everyone of us here are giving our best in organising the coming Hong Kong ITU Triathlon Asian Cup, into making it a world class event. Our priorities are to ensure a safe and fair race, apart from that we will be piloting several new features to our coming race, such as pontoon swim start, recovery bath at finish area and the children's favourite - the bouncy castles.

Last but not least, I do hope you can voice out your opinions to me freely during my office of president, and I will do my best to improve everyone's triathlon experience with new ideas.

Thank you.

Erik Chan Kit Bun

TriHK President