Wednesday, 12 Dec 2012

Timing of the Annual General Meeting

Dear Members, Please be informed that the Association’s Legal Counsel, Hoosenally & Neo, has advised the following:

  1. "at least 7 clear days prior to the holding of the Annual General Meeting", does not include Sundays and Public Holidays, therefore the nomination period closed after 23:59 hours 05 December 2012, and all nominations received on or after 00:00 06 December 2012 are considered invalid.
  2. All Ordinary Members above 18 years of age on 26 January 2013, are eligible to attend and vote at the resumption of the Adjourned AGM.
  3. For the avoidance of doubt, all nominees from the floor of the Meeting and his proposer andseconder must complete and sign the nomination and declaration forms again, which must be dated 26 January 2013, and submitted immediately to the Chairman or Secretary at the Meeting. An exact time of receipt will also be noted on the form.
  4. Members present at the Meeting can also decide by majority vote to accept as valid all nominations previously submitted up to 18:00 on 7 December 2012, in the interest of time and efficiency.


Philip Penaloza President, TriHK