Friday, 8 Jun 2018

Young Athletes Triathlon-Selection name list

2018-2019 Young Athletes Triathlon Training Program Selection details:

Selection day (1)

Date: 9 June 2018 (SAT)

Time and venue: Shatin Sports Ground (1100-1300) & Shatin Jockey Club Swimming Pool (1300-1500) 

Selection day (2)

Date: 23 June 2018 (SAT)

Time and venue: Kowloon Tsai Swimming Pool  (1100-1300)  & Kowloon Tsai Sports Ground (1300-1500) 


For YAT selection name list, please click here.


*Please check the weather from the Hong Kong Observatory in advance of the selection (Tel: 1878200). If Typhoon signal no. 3 or above/ Red Rainstorm / Black Rainstorm warning is effective 2 hours before the selection start, the selection will be cancelled and we will further announce the new arrangement. Coaches will also decide if the selection can be continued depend on the weather on selection day.