National Squad Members

The Hong Kong Triathlon National Squad comprises of selected talented athletes from both the Junior and Open classification. In order to be included, interested athletes need to take part in the  National Squad Selection Time Trial. Those who pass the National Squad Qualifying Times will then be considered for possible inclusion into the National Squad according to the Selection Policy. The Hong Kong Sports Institute may also consider offering scholarship to National Squad athletes upon recommendation.


The National Squad Qualifying Times are specially set for talented athletes of  different age group ranges. Selected athletes are ti comply to certain obligation and may be entitled to some benefits,  bound by certain policies. The following are our National Squad Athletes:


Male Elite Open 

Female Elite Open

Kok Yu Hang

Choi Yan Yin

Michael Lam 


Law Leong Tim 


Oscar Coggins


James Tan


Wong Hui Wai


Wong Tsz To


Yu Shing Him 




Male Elite Junior

Female Elite Junior

Hung Tik Long

Anju Chenaux-Repond

Jason Tai Long NG

Au Che Yiu

Keung Wai Lok

Bailee Brown 

Lau Tsun Hei

Cade Wright 

Li Tsz Ho Angus

Charlotte Hall

Nathan Eilers

Cheng Yan Ching

Philip Chenaux-Repond

Cho Wing To 

Robin Elg Lo Cheukk Yat, Judy 
Tsang Cheung Sing, Nicholas Lo Ho Yan 
Yip Tak Long Nick Tallulah Wright
Yip Jan Roxanne Wright
  Pauline Courret



Potential Members


Chung Siu Ting


Lau Ji Ching


Wong Ka Hei Michael





National Squad Sponsors