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The National Development Squad (NDS) has been set up to narrow the gap between Regional Squad and National Squad.  The NDS coaches will provide enjoyable, safe and challenging environments for Triathlon training.

National Development Squad Training Schedule(April 1-15-2017)UPDATE

Male Female
Name (Eng) Chi Name Name (Eng) Chi Name
Chung Siu Ting 鍾紹廷 Anju Chenaux Repond  
Eilers Nathan Lee   Chan Hiu Yee 陳曉儀
Henderson Owen   Imogen Alexander  
Ho Hin Long Aidan 何軒朗 Lau Ji Ching 劉芷晴
Hung Tik Long 洪廸朗 Saunders Jade 孫玉丹
Keung Wai Lok 姜偉洛 Tong Hiu Kwan 湯曉筠
Lai Chun Ming 賴俊銘 Wong Sum Yin Shirley  黃心弦 
Lau Tsun Hei 劉晉曦    
Matteo Zullo       
Saunders Brendan 孫博丹    
Sung Ho Hin 宋浩軒    
Wimbush Jake       
Wong Ka Hei  黃嘉希    


A.       Training Arrangements
Regular training comprises of five to six sessions per week in either Shatin or HK Island during school term.  Additional sessions will be organised during school holidays.  Exact training schedule will be communicated through email and TriHK website.
B.       Training Attendance
NSB members are expected to attend training programmes organised by TriHK and attaining attendance rate of 80%.
Upon acceptance of invitation, NDS members who foresee difficulty to attain the attendance requirements must initiate and take responsibility to discuss their personal circumstances with the NDS coach and have approval sought.
C.     Race Participation
All NDS members are required to compete in all races organized by TriHK, except those that are held in Pat Sin Leng Country Park.  The latter races may be entered provided that adequate cycling proficiency is affirmed by the NDS coach.
D.     Squad Fee
The Squad fee is $200 per month.  All NDS triathletes have to prepay 3 months or 6 months of the Squad fees.  Training fees should be sent to Hong Kong Triathlon Association, either by cheque payable to “Hong Kong Triathlon Association Limited” or transfer directly to TriHK HSBC account at #502-118-375-838 and fax the receipt to TriHK Secretariat for confirmation.
E.     Conduct
Whenever undertaking triathlon-related activities, all athletes are required to behave in a courteous and sportsmanlike manner.  Foul language or rude behaviour directed at race officials will not be tolerated and will be considered as a failure to comply with these obligations.
Athletes are not allowed to speak with the media regarding triathlon or TriHK without prior consent from the NDS coach or TriHK.
Athletes are forbidden from making derogatory remarks regarding TriHK or the Hong Kong Sports Institute in any media, including on-line forums, such as Facebook.
F.      Resignation Notification
You are required to submit a resignation letter at least 2 weeks before leaving the squad.  E.g. if you submit the resignation letter on 1 Oct, the effective date should be on 15 Oct as Squad fee is on a monthly basis, you are required to pay the October Squad fee as well on this basis.
Arrangement of Inclement Weather
Please check the weather from the Hong Kong Observatory in advance of the training session (Tel: 1878200). No training will be held if a typhoon signal No. 8 or above is hoisted, or if a Black Rainstorm Warning is effective 2 hours before the training start.  
Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at 2504 8282.

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