National Squad Member - Choi Yan Yin Hilda

Date of Birth: 1994
Affiliated Club: Energetic Triathlon Club
Interests: Playing piano and guitar
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Career Highlights:


  • 2013  ITU South Sumatra Asian Cup                    Junior Elite   1st
  • 2013  ITU Cheng Du Triathlon Premium Cup     Junior Elite      2nd
  • 2103  ITU Buraby Sprint Asian Cup                       Elite Women   4th
  • 2013  ITU Koshetau Asian Cup                              Elite Women   3rd 
  • 2013  ITU Osaka Sprint Asian Cup                        Elite Women   14 th
  • 2013  All China National Games                            Elite Women   15 th
  • 2013  World Junior Championships London      Junior Elite      42 th
  • 2013  ITU Singapore Asian Cup                             Elite Women   2nd 
  • 2013  ITU Meizhou Asian Cup                                 Elite Women   4 th

Special Awards:

2012-2015 Sports Scholarship Student at Chinese University of Hong Kong

2013 Kobelco (1st and 2nd quarter)- awardee

2013 Triathlon ambassador appointed by LCSD- participant

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