National Squad Obligations


National Squad Benefits


Elite Representation

Being a member of the National Squad makes you eligible, under current selection policies, to represent Hong Kong, China at the elite level.  This will enable you to race against the best athletes of your age in Asia, or at the ITU World Championships.

Squad Benefits

Members of the elite squads are eligible for training under the National Coach and coaching team based at the HKSI. The HKSI has world class training facilities, sport specific coaches, support services such as strength training, nutrition advice, sports science analysis, sports phycology, and team training programs. In addition, elite athletes’ racing and training programs are designed to suit their own personal development and objectives. Certain races will be targeted to achieve their best results, and to perform well at the Asian Championships or ITU World Championships. Team training and racing is an important part of performing well on the Asian or International race circuit, and this team racing is developed in the squad system. Training camps will be held in both Hong Kong and in other countries focusing on progressively improving performance.

Managing Time and Pressure

Athletes in the elite squads learn how to manage their personal time as they deal with conflicting requirements from training, competing, education, family and social life. Helping to manage this pressure is an important part of the program and relatively flexible arrangements are in place so as to enable athletes to achieve good all-round performance. For example, important examinations take place during this period of the athlete’s life, and at these times the training regime can be adjusted. Also the squad training system takes place at different times and places so as to minimize conflicts and to reduce travelling time.

Achieving Excellence

Successful squad members will be part of a program which is designed to see them perform at their best as they mature. The objective is to consistently have athletes competing on the ITU World Circuit and qualifying to compete at the Olympic Games. These athletes will ultimately make triathlon their profession and are involved full time, in training and racing all around the world.


There is a comprehensive funding program available through the HKSI and Government funding which means that athletes training in the elite squads have most of their training and competition costs covered. Where funding is not adequate to meet all expenses, athletes may be invited to take part in programs or competitions on a self-funding basis. Elite squad training is focused on enabling a small number of talented athletes to achieve a high level of sustained excellence at an international level.


National Squad Obligations


In recognition of the National Squad Benefits, a number of obligations are placed on all athletes accepting the invitation to join the National Squad. If an athlete is unwilling to accept these National Squad Obligations, they should not accept the invitation. If an athlete fails to comply with these National Squad Obligations, they may be removed from the National Squads or have their National Squad Benefits withdrawn, such as not being considered for race selection. The word “athlete” or “athletes”, whenever used here, shall mean and refer to members of the National Squad.




Training programs of all athletes are to be approved by the National Coach. It is expected that training programs will be primarily directed towards triathlon, as opposed to other sports. When studying towards public examinations, athletes may reduce their training volume, subject to approval of the National Coach, but must not cease training altogether. To do so would result in removal from the National Squad. Moreover, athletes are expected to make themselves available for National Squad training camps, given sufficient notice.




All athletes are required to compete in the annual Hong Kong International Triathlon. The only acceptable reasons for failing to compete in this event are sickness or injury verified by a doctor, overseas study or an exemption granted by the Selection Committee when the race is considered to conflict with a higher priority overseas race. Consent will be sought from the National Coach prior to participation in other local or international sports events.


All athletes shall make themselves available for selection to compete in the Asian Triathlon Championships and other overseas races as the Selection Committee shall deem fit. The only acceptable reasons for not be available for the Asian Triathlon Championships are sickness or injury verified by a doctor or a public examination that directly clashes with the event. Athletes are required to seek and obtain advance approval of the National Coach to take part in any races whatsoever, including (but not limited to) school sports competitions, which fall outside the race schedule for the National Squad.


Team Kit Policy

When representing "Hong Kong, China" or racing in all local triathlon, duathlon and aquathon races organized by the TriHK, all athletes must race in the designated National Team kit, which must not be altered, in any manner whatsoever, without prior permission of TriHK. Such alteration includes printing logos of personal sponsors.  National Team kit must also be worn at prize giving ceremonies and for podium photo opportunities.

Athletes are also required to wear the team uniform, if any, while travelling to and from overseas destinations, including at the airports in Hong Kong and at the destinations, and when attending official functions, such as press conferences, opening ceremonies and regular awards ceremonies.



Whenever undertaking triathlon-related activities, all athletes are required to behave in a courteous and sportsmanlike manner. This is particularly important when representing Hong Kong, China overseas or at local events. Foul language or rude behaviour directed at race officials will not be tolerated and will be consider as a failure to comply with these National Squad Obligations.


Athletes are expected to submit to drug tests from time to time. Any athletes failing a drug test will be immediately suspended, pending an investigation. Athletes found guilty of using performance-enhancing drugs or the like will not be reinstated to the National Squad.


Athletes are forbidden from making derogatory or dissenting remarks regarding TriHK or the Hong Kong Sports Institute or fellow athletes in any media, including on-line forums, such as Facebook.


Athletes are not allowed to speak with the media regarding TriHK or HKSI, without prior consent from the TriHK or the National Coach respectively.


Athletes must be paid-up members of TriHK and must settle all debts with TriHK promptly.


May 2015



National Squad Agreement


I,                                     , hereby accept the invitation from Hong Kong Triathlon Association Limited to be a member of the National Squad. I have read through the appendices, namely the “National Squad Benefits” and “National Squad Obligations”, I confirm that I understand and agree to comply with them. I acknowledge and agree that failing to comply with the National Squad Obligations may result in the withdrawal of some or all of my National Squad Benefits or, ultimately, my removal from the National Squad.


In particular:

  1. If my training is largely conducted outside of the Hong Kong Sports Institute, I will (i) submit my training program (via Training Peaks or otherwise as required by the National Coach) to the National Coach on a weekly basis; and (ii) attend at least one training session with the National Squad (either at the Hong Kong Sports Institute or such other venue in Hong Kong as notified to me) each week.
  2. I agree to comply with the National Squad Team Kit Policy, as modified from time to time.


Moreover, as a Junior / Part-time Athlete I confirm that:

  1. I will make myself available for the Asian Triathlon Championships in April 2016.
  2. I will continue to train for a minimum of ten hours per week under the guidance of a recognized coach, regardless of study and exam commitments.
  3. I will make myself available for National Squad training camps, subject to being given one month’s notice.

I understand my membership of the National Squad will reviewed at least every six months.


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