Coaches Registration

A coach plays an important role in the sports performance and personal development of an athlete.  Thus, Hong Kong Triathlon Association provided various coaching course scheme for difference level of participants to raise the coaches and athlete level.  We also set up a registration system for coaches, which provide more information of triathlon for the registered coaches.

2018TriHK Coach Registration

REMINDER: 2018 Coach Registration has begun accepting applications. All interested parties should fulfill the following requirements and return your application to TriHK Office on or before 31 March 2018.  

You are required: 

(1)  to register as 2018 Hong Kong Triathlon Association member; 

  • Filled application form
  • Passport photo (40mm x 50mm) (if Coaching License is needed)
  • Copy of Hong Kong Identity Card
  • Copy of levels in coach certificates
  • Copy of Bronze Medallion issued by the Hong Kong Life Saving Society.
  • Copy of any certificates and related competition certificates mentioned in application qualification.
  • Copy of valid First-Aid certificates issued by the following associations:
  • I.           Hong Kong St. John Ambulance; or
  • II.         Hong Kong Red Cross; or
  • III.       The Auxiliary Medical Service; or
  • IV.       If you possess other certificates (Doctor, nurse, ambulanceman, fireman etc.), please submit related documents and employment certificate to development committee for verification.
  • Self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage, no coach license will be sent to self-addressed envelope with insufficient postage (If any).
If you fail to submit your application by 31 March 2018, your record will be deleted and you are not entitle to coach any TriHK training courses


 2018 TriHK Coach Registration form