Article of TriHK

55. Indemnity

Subject to the provisions of Section 165 of the Ordinance, if any prosecution, action or suit at law be commenced against any Member, employee or agent of the Association for anything done in the proper or reasonable discharge of their duties on behalf of the Association, such party or persons shall be defended and indemnified by and at the cost of the Association from all damages, costs and expenses which may be incidental to or result from such prosecution, action or suit at law and the property and funds of the Association may be applied for such purposes as directed by the Committee, provided that no part of such funds shall be applied either directly or indirectly in payment of the whole or part of any fine or penalty imposed upon any such party by sentence or order of a Court of Justice, except at the discretion of the Committee.


56. Seal Affixation

The Seal shall not be affixed to any document except by the authority of a resolution of the Committee. The Committee may from time to time make regulations regarding the use and affixing of the Seal. Unless such regulations are made all documents requiring the Seal to be affixed thereto shall be signed by any two of the President, Secretary, Treasurer or Vice-President.


57. Patrons & Vice-Patrons

The Association may adopt a Patron and one or more Vice-Patrons. The Patron is likely to be a public figure, who is prepared to act as a figurehead on behalf of the Association. A Vice-Patron is likely to be well-connected individual, who is prepared to act as an ambassador on behalf of the Association. It is also likely, though not absolutely necessary, that a Patron or Vice-Patron shall donate a sum of money to the Association in order that it may further the pursuit of its objects. A Patron or Vice-Patron shall not take any part in the management of the Association.